Self-Development and Personal Development

Creator of Thinking into Character, Dr. Selva Pankaj explains the origin and objectives of this online transformational leadership programme.

Originally for students and now exported to the corporate sphere, this 12-week programme is based on the teaching of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs across the globe.

Discover the secrets of their success, as this programme takes you through the process of success creation; step by step you will learn how to transform your thinking, your habits and your behaviours in order to upgrade your results.

Using the principles outlined in these lessons, Dr. Pankaj was able to grow his small tutorial business into a multi-million pound educational specialist group, with educational institutions in Canada, USA, UK, Dubai and India.

The Benefits of Engaging with Thinking into Character (TIC) will help you to:

  • Learn how to identify, set and achieve inspiring goals
  • Improve your self-image and re-write your life script
  • Unlock your creative brain, gain confidence and work to your full potential
  • Develop confidence resilience and a growth mind-set
  • Close the gap between your intentions and your actions
  • Understand how to turn non-productive habits into productive habits
  • Overcome challenges and barriers to success
  • Become more innovate, more motivated and more focused on achieving your dream goals
  • Develop and improve your leadership skills
  • Learn new ways of thinking that are used by leaders from across the globe

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