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A Proven Methodology
for the Creation of Success
& Self-Fulfilment


Success is a progressive realisation of a worthy goal. Success and self-fulfilment can be predicted and guaranteed if we do certain things in a certain way, every day. This book not only clearly outlines the steps required to become successful, but also answers the question: why and how do successful people become successful and have a fulfilled life?

This book plants the seed for inside-out education and revolutionises the understanding of the DNA of the success formula. Thinking into Character represents a dynamic learning culture.

“There are many gems to reap from Thinking into Character, but the one thing that really sticks out for me is the way Selva ties character to your dreams and setting goals that are right for you.”

Foreword by Bob Proctor

Best-selling author and featured teacher in The Secret

Dr Selva Pankaj

About the author

Dr Selva Pankaj created Regent Group, an education and investment organisation, with his wife and late father in 2000. The Group has since enjoyed dramatic growth and diversification. Selva has a passion for learning about human potential and human behaviour. He identifies his mentor Professor Clayton Christensen at Harvard University, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill and Andrew Carnegie as being his greatest inspirations.