About the Thinking Circle programme

In this six-month intensive programme, Dr. Selva Pankaj and his team will take you on a deep dive through the ground breaking work Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Dr. Pankaj will offer a refreshing new perspective of the original work, helping to modernise much of the original content and showing you how you can apply Hill’s lessons to achieve greater success.

Back in 1937 Napoleon Hill revealed the secret to wealth, success and self-fulfilment in his book Think and Grow Rich. The secret has been discussed by Bob Proctor, Tony Robins and received some attention in the film “The Secret.” The secret Hill reveals is as simple as it is profound, and we describe it as follows: self-mastery is the key to success. To achieve success, be it personal or professional, you simply need to gain mastery of self.

How does this work?

In a series of master classes, webinars and group sessions, you will unpick the “secret” to wealth and long-term success by developing and internalising principles outlined by Napoleon Hill. You will discover strategies to gain self-mastery, to get over fear, negativity, procrastination and self-doubt, and to adopt and execute definite plans to achieve the successes you desire. As we go through each of the chapters of Napoleon Hill’s ground breaking work, you will develops the tools you need to become as successful as you can imagine.

“Getting rich, financially, spiritually or emotionally, is not mysterious, it doesn’t happen by accident. There is a tried and tested set of principles to self-mastery, and it is the purpose of this programme to show you in detail, what these principles are, how they work and how you can apply them to your life now”
– Programme facilitator

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    Thinking Circle is for you if:

    • You are a person who cares about your personal development
    • You are ambitious and results-orientated
    • You want to be equipped with tools that will enable you to achieve more
    • You are a person ready to move to the next stage of your caree

    What this programme will give you:

    • This programme will give you an opportunity to spend 6 months with Dr. Selva Pankaj and his team alongside a small group of like-minded and dedicated individuals ready to achieve success.
    • This programme will provide you with a deep understanding of Napoleon Hill’s canonical publication, Think and grow Rich.
    • This programme will give you the ability to apply the principles described by Napoleon Hill to your life now, taking you several steps closer towards your stated goals.