“Thinking into Character has shown me the obstacles that gets in the way between me and achieving my most valued goals. These obstacles are so pervasive that I didn’t even notice their impediment to my progress. Limiting beliefs (the belief that some goals are way out of my league) are a thing of the past for me. I am glad that I started this program because now I feel that my life is purposeful and fulfilling. I now get a sense of vitality knowing that I am actively spending my time and energy on the most important goals.”

– Abdirahman Farah, Student, Regent College London

“I never thought it would be possible to bring my vision to life through an exhibition in Provence, and now that is exactly what I am planning! I trust myself more and I believe I can make the impossible happen for me. I really understand that a vision is not something that you force to come in your mind. It is a powerful divine mixture, and you can bring it to life.

The TiC program has helped me to act – it has created a new drive and motivation. It has given me the desire to act rather than dream. I am bringing my dreams to life.”

– Amelia Giurgiu, Student, Regent College London

“A very different approach to learning. This is a much needed addition. I have felt inspired.”

– Kenny Oganyo, Student, Regent College London

“I operate a chain of 36 McDonald’s restaurants across north and west London as well as in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, serving more than 28million customers each year. As a businessman employing more than 3,000 people, I have grown to appreciate more and more the increasing pressures that we can all face in our lives. Particularly, in recent years, young people are faced with an overwhelming range of challenges from social media, in both education and in work. I see this in many of my team members – it’s never been tougher to navigate your way through your early adult years, the time you are meant to be enjoying the most.

Thinking into Character (TiC) is a tool for combating these challenges. Selva’s carefully crafted course is nothing short of revolutionary: transforming the way you think, focusing you on what goals matter to you and helping you to discover for yourself how to reach them.

We all have skills and talents which are yet to be unlocked, hurdles we are yet to jump as well as things we don’t know about ourselves and. TiC – by teaching you to do away with negative self-images, to open your mind and to think freely – transforms the way you see yourself and push you to new limits. I whole-heartedly recommend this course, it is simply a remarkable opportunity for any young person to take.”

– Atul Pathak, OBE, MD of APPT Corporation

“The art of René Magritte teaches us to respect that we are only ever limited by our minds. Thinking into character takes us a stage further by empowering young people to be inspired in twelve simple modules to gain the capability to better understand yourself and to achieve your wildest dreams. Like the great artist, you too can mould your future effectively.”

– Ronel Lehmann, Founder and Chief Executive, Finito Education

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