Thinking into Character (TiC) is a suite of transformational learning programmes created by Dr. Selva Pankaj, CEO and Co-Founder, Regent Group.

Our programmes are designed to aid your personal growth and accelerate your professional success. Whether you know it yet, you have the potential to improve your results exponentially, whether that is by getting a promotion, starting a business or enjoying more fulfilling personal relationships. These programmes will show you how these leaps in success are possible. Are you ready to make the leap?

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    Our Products

    the platform

    Thinking into Character
    Digital Platform

    This programme is specifically designed to enable participants to build happy, successful lives and to achieve all of their goals and dreams, both educational or professional and personal.


    Thinking into Character

    This book plants the seed for inside-out education and revolutionises the understanding of the DNA of the success formula. Thinking into Character represents a dynamic learning culture.

    The Power of Learning from DAD Book

    The Power of Learning
    from DAD Book

    This book is part memoir, part self-reflection and part theoretical exposition. It combines paternal wisdom with the teachings of many eminent authors on human potential, human behaviour and success.

    Power of Learning from DAD Digital Platform

    The Power of Learning
    from DAD Digital Platform

    The programme will teach you how, using the resources you currently have, you can create the habits and mind-set required for lasting success, happiness and self-fulfilment.

    Think and Grow Rich Digital Platform

    Think and Grow Rich
    Digital Platform

    This programme will present you with a concentrated version of Napoleon Hill’s insights. Each of Hill’s 13 principles for success creation will be summarised, from having a burning desire and preparing an organised plan, to cultivating your sixth sense.


    The Mindset Book

    This book delves into the power of attitude, human potential, and success, highlighting the significance of Natural Intelligence in understanding one’s capabilities.


    The Mindset Digital Platform

    This Mindset program is designed to help you answer the fundamental question of human existence: WHO AM I? Introducing a mix of new and familiar ideas, it prompts a reevaluation of powerful concepts such as attitude, gratitude, goals, and commitment.

    Our Services

    Mentorship Programme

    This programme will inspire, support and encourage you to achieve your dream goals. It will be dedicated to your success and personal development, helping you to overcome barriers and to unlock your full potential.


    Thinking Circle

    This programme is a series of master classes, webinars and group sessions, to help you unpick the “secret” to wealth and long-term success by developing and internalising principles outlined by Napoleon Hill.

    Wealth Creation Programme

    This programme will help you to bust through many popular misconceptions about money and explain how you can accumulate wealth by studying and implementing the philosophy outlined in The Science of Getting Rich by Wallis D Wattles.


    Wellbeing Programme

    This programme consists of a series of workshops designed to help you to remain more present, more focused and to increase feelings of wellbeing. Each of these sessions will help you to discover your inner Zen.

    Who are these programmes for?

    Individuals who wish to:

    • Build confidence and character
    • Be happy and successful
    • Eliminate negative non-productive habits/thoughts and replace with positive ones
    • Identify and achieve your BIG goals
    • Overcome anxieties and negative self-image
    • Attain new or better grades and qualifications
    • Develop a strong sense of self-belief, resilience and persistence
    • Be accepted at your preferred university or further education institution, pursue an apprenticeship or become an entrepreneur
    • Build a successful career in your dream company or industry

    The main benefits of these programmes include:


    Learning how to
    identify, set and achieve
    inspiring goals


    Improving self-image
    and re-writing your life


    Learning how to close the gap between what you know you should do and what you actually do


    Grasping how to turn
    non-productive habits
    into productive habits


    challenges and
    barriers to success